Cycling-Specific Coaching

Cycling, whether done competitively or recreationally, poses many benefits, including increased cardiovascular health, decreased body fat, and improved strength and mobility.

ProActive Personal Training & Fitness in Auburn, CA offers cycling-specific training to recreational and competitive cyclists alike. Our cycling coach is Michael O’Rourke, a multiple podium finisher at both the state and national level, and most recently the USA Cycling Masters 2017 National Champion. Michael is also a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor. 

Michael’s Philosophy and Training Style

Michael will help you maximize your training, making sure you spend the right amount of time at the right intensities and in the correct sequence.  One of his primary objectives is to ensure that you get the most benefit for the time and effort you put in.

Michael will teach you the building blocks of cycling including: correct technique, precise physiological training, and proper sport-specific nutrition. He will design and develop an individual specific training program or consult with you on the program you already have.

Michael bases his entire analysis and plans around your abilities, challenges, needs, circumstances, and ambitions. Whether you are a mountain biker, road racer, or just want to improve your cycling, Michael’s coaching will help you to ride at your very best.


  • USAC Cycling Coach 2008 to present
  • Coach of multiple State Champions, National and State podium finishers
  • Multiple National podium finishes including 1st, 2nd (3 times), 4th & 5th
  • 2017 - National Masters Road Race Champion
  • 2017 - NCNCA Legend Award
  • 2017 - NCNCA Premier Series Champion
  • 2017 - 3rd NCNCA BAR
  • 2017 - Ranked #1 Nationally for Criterium Racing
  • 2016 - National Masters Road Race Silver Medalist
  • 2016 - National Masters Criterium Silver Medalist
  • 2015 - NCNCA Road Race Silver Medalist
  • 2015 - NCNCA Criterium Silver Medalist
  • 2013 - NCNCA Masters Criterium Champion
  • 2013 - NCNCA BAR Series Champion 

  • 2014 - See photo footnote (pun intended)
  • 2012 - Silver Medalist, USA Cycling Masters Nationals Criterium 50-54
  • 2011 Masters 45+ 1/2/3NCNCA Best All-Round Rider (BAR)

  • 3 years MTB racing
  • Multiple podium finishes
  • Multiple Prairie City series championships

Education and Certifications

  • USA Cycling certified coach (level 2)
  • Northern California Nevada Cycling Association (NCNCA) mentor coordinator
  • AFAA-certified personal trainer


  • Training with limited time
    (especially for masters athletes)
  • Training with power meters
  • Criterium and road racing
  • Cross-country mountain biking


  • Peet's Coffee Racing Masters Team – 2015 to present
  • Safeway/PureRed Creative/Bicycles Plus Masters Racing Team – 2009 to 2014
  • Cat 1 x/c racer
  • Cat 2 road racer
  • X/C runner and endurance coach
  • Strength and conditioning coach
  • Owner, Personal Trainer, ProActive Personal Training & Fitness
  • Coordinator of NCNCA
    Mentor Program - (2011-2015)


I have had a number of coaches in various sports over five decades as a competitive athlete, and you are one of the best. The training has been very focused with very little "fluff". I definitely improved over the course of the season and the training was instrumental in achieving that improvement. I was well prepared for the various races even though that didn't always translate into great success. I did have some good races: the district championship road race back in March, the second Reno crit, and even the Davis crit before the crash. The mock race was the best demonstration of my conditioning; all those intervals were great training for the 70-mile two-man break.

                                                                                                            -Hugh Janney, Sacramento CA

"Along the way Michael, you have shown me different physical ways to ride, train, and get results out of my even more limited time…..which is EXACTLY what you were tasked to do. You have also shown me that my riding approach is far more psychologically effective by chasing the carrot than fearing the Doberman. Throw in feedback, anecdotal stuff, and even a back & core strengthening program and you’re the best coach this cyclist has had in his twenty-nine years of UCSF-USAC licensure."

                                                                                                                                 -Jason Brown, Lodi, CA

I started riding about 6 years ago and decided to start racing one year ago.  Like most professionals with a family, I wanted to be as efficient as possible with the limited time I had to train and ride.  Knowing the best workouts and when to do them to accomplish set goals in complicated.  Michael simplified all that for me.  He tested me, determines my training zones, schedules my workout based on my goals, and reviews my files to determine the proper adjustments needed to keep me on track.  All I have to do is follow the plan he lays out. 

The results speak for themselves.  Power is up, endurance has improved dramatically, I have more confidence in races, and I am getting close to a podium finish for my age and category.  

The three biggest benefits of training with Michael has been, 1) Accountability – I know he is going to look at the ride file so I better do it and do my best to complete the workout as prescribed.  Especially when I do not feel like it.  2) Simplicity – Michael schedules my workouts.  All I have to do is wake up and do them.  3) Advice – I can call or email Michael to discuss race strategy, what the purpose of certain workouts are, get clarity of how to do a workout, and any other riding advice I may need. 

I highly recommend Michael and coaching if you are serious about improving your cycling skills and fitness.

                                                                                                                                -Chris Demattei, Granite Bay, CA



Complete Coaching Includes: 

  • Initial lactate fitness assessment and body composition analysis
  • Ongoing analysis and determination of power/heart rate training zones
  • Repeated lactate assessment as needed -included as coaching package
  • Training Peaks Premium account included
  • Fully customized daily training schedule in monthly format with training zones
  • Weekly training file analysis, feedback as needed
  • Bi-weekly training plan update/review
  • Monthly goal setting and review
  • Email/text contact once a day, client-initiated, response time within 24 hours
  • 30-minute phone consultation and review once a week
  • Limited riding with coach when/where available
  • Guidance on equipment, skills, nutrition, supplements, tactics, and mental skills

Fee Schedule:   $285/month: 12-month commitment


Lactate Profiling

What Does Lactate Really Do?

For many years, lactic acid or lactate was considered the enemy of hard-working athletes. It was blamed for everything—from fatigue during competitions to post-exercise soreness.

In truth, lactate doesn’t cause fatigue or delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). In fact, recent research has indicated that lactate is actually used as fuel by your heart and other tissues.

If your body produces more lactate than your muscles need, the excess builds up in your blood. However, this doesn’t mean that too much lactate limits your abilities. The buildup is an indicator of what processes are going on as you exercise.

Why Measure Lactate?

Measuring lactate buildup in the blood is very important in determining your aerobic and anaerobic fitness. By measuring lactate levels, we can see how your body balances aerobic and anaerobic processes.

We’ll also be able to determine your endurance capacity. More importantly, measuring lactate buildup allows us to pinpoint your most effective training zones.

Many coaches and sports scientists try to set a single “lactate threshold.” This threshold is supposed to be the point wherein your muscles suddenly increase the amount of lactate produced.

Unfortunately, this one-size-fits-all approach is neither truthful nor useful. Don’t spend time, money, and effort on an assessment that is based on results from other people.

Assessment Process

In our two-part assessment using MESICS software we determine your lactate profile. Different than the mythical lactate “threshold”, we utilize the “two lactate theory” to determine your maximum sustainable effort as well as your most effective rate of recovery. These are both paramount for effectively and efficiently training limiters as well as determining performance strengths.

Armed with that knowledge, we then design a program to maximize your efforts, and we monitor your progress. The “Two Lactate Theory has been utilized by top-level cycling coaches in Europe and the US.

We use lactate testing, along with your heart rate and pace data, to determine your optimum training zones for endurance or sport-specific training. This radical, relatively new approach provides accurate scientific information while providing you with fitness benefits.

BLA Testing Fees -(non-coaching clients)

  • Single Test: $220
  • 2 Test Package: $400 ($200/assessment)
  • 3 Test Package: $570 ($190/assessment)
  • 4 Test Package: $720 ($180/assessment)
  • Team Camp Lactate assessment packages available, cost TBD.

*All tests purchased as a package must be completed within one year. The full package price must be paid at the time of the initial purchase. Complete coaching clients are tested as needed. Testing is included in the cost of coaching.

For more information on lactate profiling, cycling, running, or other endurance training, call 916-799-7087.
You can also reach out to Michael directly by emailing him at