Custom Programs for Unique Goals

At ProActive we offer many special events and programs not only for our dedicated clients but also for community members.  Events and programs change seasonally so check back often to see just what we've got on the go!!!

To give you a taste of what you might expect some of our annual events/programs are;

Cycle After Dark - These sessions are specifically designed for cyclists looking for indoor training during the winter months. They will primarily include High-Intensity Interval Training, cadence work, and "Sweet Spot" training designed to improve aerobic fitness. Pre-Registration is required and space is limited. Bring your bike, trainer, heart monitor or power meter and H2O bottle. Keiser M3 indoor cycles are available if you are unable to bring your own bike and trainer.  All sessions are led by our resident USA Cycling Coach and 2017 USA National Road Race Champion, Michael O’Rourke.

Common Sense Nutrition - Achieving good health and fitness can be a very confusing task. People rarely think seriously about their health and proper nutrition. Well, it is time to stop the guesswork and start knowing the facts! Making the best food choices is your secret weapon in the quest to get your best body ever. Eating supportively will help you boost your metabolism, burn more fat, and increase your energy dramatically. Learn why NUTRITION is essential to METABOLISM. Learn to DESIGN the PERFECT MENU for your body. Learn to SIMPLIFY your NUTRITION PLAN. Learn how to be a SMART SHOPPER. Learn strategies for PORTION CONTROL.

Cycling 101 - Do you wish you knew more about your road or mountain bike. Would you like to be able to change a flat, clip in and out without falling over, ride safely and effectively on a variety of terrains? If so, then this is the perfect session for you. Join our very own "Coach Michael" as he takes you through all of the necessary paces concerning the use and enjoyment of your bike.

H.E.A.L NOW – Our H.E.A.L (HEALTH EDUCATION AND LIFESTYLE) NOW program is designed to supply you with the most up to date health and fitness information so you can make simple changes to your life and those around you.  This 8-week program meets once a week and covers a multitude of topics including; nutrition basics, a body weight exercise plan, mind-body stress relief via yoga/pilates mat exercises, cardiovascular conditioning as well as easy to implement lifestyle changes that will benefit your entire family.  This specialty program is open to ProActive clients as well as community members.

Healthy Holidays Challenge - Would you like to head into the Holidays feeling healthy, fit and with a little extra cash in your pocket?  The cash pot goes to the winning team at the end of the six-week challenge.  Grab a partner and join our Healthy Holidays Challenge!  Avoid the extra weight gain that can sometimes happen over the winter holidays.  This is the perfect time to become conscious of your lifestyle choices in the areas of movement, food/drink, and thought.  It’s time to get yourself on a path to success—mind, body, and spirit! 

Stretch and Zen for Cyclists - Cyclists often experience tightness in the major muscle groups used in riding a bike: the calves, quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, hips, shoulders, and neck are particularly in need of regular stretching. Stretch and Zen will assist cyclists of all levels to increase their range of motion, improve muscle function via realignment techniques, reduce potential muscle imbalances and recover faster.

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