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At ProActive Personal Training & Fitness in Auburn, CA, we realize that we wouldn’t have a business without our clients. That’s why we strive to make customer service our top priority. Our goal is to give you such a wonderful experience that you’ll brag about us to everyone you know.

Read further for testimonials from some of our satisfied clients.

Client Testimonials

Losing weight? It's a struggle. Keeping it off? That's the real challenge! But overall, the goal is to be happy and healthy. This is my story.

I started overeating when I was four because my parents split up and I've had a constant battle with food and my weight. As I went into high school, I was well over 250 pounds and 6' tall, so I was a big kid. Left on my own, I watched TV and played video games. Sure, I went out for the football, track, and wrestling teams, but I was naturally lazy. When I graduated, I was over 300 pounds.

For me, I finally got serious about my health shortly after my daughters were born. I was already a member of a local gym, working out when I got time (which really meant not very often). What I enjoyed most were the classes - those led by the owner at the gym and the ones led by Suzanne Gove. When I learned Suzanne was opening her own studio, focusing on personal training and small group classes, I knew I wanted in.

Once ProActive Personal Training & Fitness Education opened, the trainers there helped me focus on why I was working out, what my goals were, and designed a personalized plan for me. Over the years, I've participated in their classes (Kickboxing is my personal favorite), fitness challenges, and of course personal training. With the team's guidance, I ran a marathon (and several half marathons), mud challenges, and accomplished more things than I thought possible.
Sure, I've had good times and bad times over the years - who doesn't? - but the team at ProActive has encouraged me to stick with it! I participate in extra group classes when I can, text my trainer when I need encouragement, I send pictures of my meals sometimes so he can help keep me on target. I think of the team there as friends and that really helps make the environment warm, friendly, and uplifting. I consider going to the studio almost like meditation or zen. It really is my time to focus on me.

What really kicked things into high gear was when I finally committed myself to making better nutritional choices. Through the efforts of the team at ProActive and their "Hungry No More" program, I lost almost 20 pounds in about 8 weeks. I hate to sound like an infomercial, but I really never felt hungry. Things just clicked for me.

Since starting at ProActive several years ago, I lost over 50 pounds. Even better than that, I haven't had yo-yos and I've been able to keep it off. I hit some plateaus over the years, and would hold for months or even a year or more around the same weight, but with the team's encouragement, and help, I've been able to continue going down.

I'm now 39 and holding steady around 235 pounds. I don't remember the last time I weighed less than 250. I exceeded my own goal! I am happier and by all measures in better health than I was at 19. I have the team at ProActive and my family to thank for this. I hope others can be inspired to meet their personal goals, too.
-Jesse Johnson, Auburn, CA


"I have truly enjoyed and appreciated my time at ProActive and know that I would have quit many times over if left to my own devices. I have been ably guided through various injuries and other challenges over the last few years and have been able to maintain a good basic core fitness that is so important.

I have great respect for your hard work and commitment to your business and clients, and I will refer friends to you without reservation. Thank you again so much for your support and guidance."

–Katy Siquig, DVM, Auburn, CA

"Sometimes there aren't words enough of thanks.

At a pre-op (hip replacement) physical therapy visit this past week, this is what I heard: ‘Your quads are in excellent shape, your overall physical abilities are apparent.’ As he went through his list, his comment was that ‘I’m preaching to the choir.’

Without Suzanne and staff, I would NEVER be in this condition. I AM SO PROUD AND SO THANKFUL!

By the way, I’m almost 72 and just gearing up."

–Pam Nelson, Auburn, CA

"I want to thank you and Michael for all of the hard work and efforts you both put into my training. Even though I am 61, overweight, and constantly nursing this bum knee, you push me to do my best.
I feel my body changing and my strength increasing all the time. It is wonderful knowing that I am making healthy progress each and every time I come into ProActive. It is such a valid and extraordinarily good use of my time, in my overextended life. Thanks again."

–Cheryl Maki, Auburn, CA

"One year ago, I was a 72-year-old overweight grandma who hated exercise. For a long time, my arthritic knees and cervical stenosis gave me all the excuse I needed to avoid it. Then one day last April my dear friend, Toni, invited me to join her for a workshop on healthy eating at Pro-Active. Without much enthusiasm, I went to the class and met Suzanne, the owner, who conducted the workshop. It has profoundly changed my life. I don't diet but have lost 15 pounds and feel better than I have in years. After a lifetime of saying "I hate exercise", I cannot wait for my weekly training sessions with Suzanne. I admit that at first, I was worried about hurting myself. I had heard stories of personal trainers who approached every client like they were twenty-five and preparing for the Olympics. That doesn't happen at ProActive. The entire staff is so caring and knowledgeable, and every exercise is specifically geared to meet the individual's needs and abilities.

I am stronger, have more energy and I feel young again. Coming to Pro-Active is the best gift I have ever given myself. Thank you, dear Suzanne, for helping me turn back the clock. "

–Diane Pette, Auburn, CA

"ProActive Personal Training is an inspiration to the Foothill area! The personal trainers are attentive and well-educated as they aim to help each client reach his or her highest potentials.

Owner Suzanne Gove-O’Rourke makes it her goal to give each client who walks through her doors a fitness experience that keeps us coming back! I have trained with her for almost 15 years. I continue to learn new things about nutrition and fitness that help me stay health-conscious and motivated towards my fitness goals."

–Kellie Haldeman, Auburn, CA

"The staff and facilities at ProActive are the best!

The fitness instructors are well-trained and committed to making my workout fun and extremely effective. They organize their fitness classes with a wide variety of exercises with different fitness tools that keep me motivated to exercise on a more regular basis.

I attribute my improvements to the fitness program that Suzanne has prescribed for me. Now if only ProActive instructors could do something for me so that the golf ball would go exactly where I want it to go every time!

I should also add that I have been with ProActive since they opened in 2008 and still sing their praises."

–Ann Fulweiler, Auburn, CA

"As a fitness training facility, they have state-of-the-art equipment. In addition, their staff has more knowledge and expertise regarding fitness instruction and training than any other gym I have been to. They REALLY know what they are talking about, and they want to be there to help their clients reach their goals."

–Elyse Huff, Los Angeles, CA


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